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enquiry is whether the man who did it is insane. On the trial of Francis for

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between the more common and the rarer diseases. The

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novel matter; but, as they are only in progress, we shall not, for the

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Here the treatment is different; besides the ordinary

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menced to get back the use of his leg, and sensibility also

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An incision was made through the right rectus muscle, and free

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margin, and all that is necessary to free a vaccine from any acci-

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Blandford Street, London. Devoting his spare time to the study

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mac^ belong to this dass. A very favorite prescription is the Griffiths

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of the excreted grains does not seem to have depended on their size.

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ophthalrnoplegia and bulbar paralysis. Sometimes polio-encephalitis and

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puncture. Negative results from cover -glass preparations stained for

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the cessation of motility mentioned below, and is not misled thereby. The same

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Report of cases peculiar to Females and Nervous Diseases, treated in

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Such, briefly, are the facts relating to nitrous oxide. I

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operations is that there is very little bleeding. In

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Page 243$ table LIX, B. Add the following under indicated columns:

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vincing phenomena, like the proof of copulation in natural and stained

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Rectal impactions occasion sensations of bearing down or perineal

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TABLE 18.— Two-Hour Renal Test in Case 13, Made April 27, 1916

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Emeritus Professor of Surgery to the London Hospital

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for instance. Emetics ought not to be tried in cases complica-

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and a given point of the pelvis. He had been accustomed, in

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inflammation of a gland, exhales, as elsewhere, a serosity by

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ventricle : Visible pulsation of the carotids, loud systolic sound in the

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observers even affirm that no permanent value can be

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December 17, 1836, and died on the next day. At the post-mor-

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also a large on3, and contains most of the cases in which difficulty in

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but we feel it is useless to write to our health department. In other

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Dr. Rankin : I wish to speak of one point brought out in Dr. Edger-

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deafness. Abnormal sensations of taste may appear, due to implication

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cannot be revealed by chemical analysis, but only by its noxious effects on

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The dysphagia and aphonia were produced by local can-

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away, as she said. Some ha?morriia<re attended, and followed, the

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by forcing him to walk supported by two assistants. Tickling \\

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The motion was supported by Mr. Holt. An attempt •n-as

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lowing story is told of the celebrated Oppolzer. Shortly

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hypothesis of sympathy might be based, if it were not excluded

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H. M.j Manchester.— The regiila'i^n i-* that, if in any year one of the three

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community injustice in not warning them against the destroyers^