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those connected with the functions of the alimentary canal. It may be

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Its entire removal without injury to the general health has been suc-

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materially influencing the prevalence of ophthalmia, the

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in some cases making it impossible to straighten the arm.

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also reported the existence of this disease, which extended to India and

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some member or members of the profession in the city of

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loosa, Alabama, in both of which cases it is stated there was much

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was in too many cases worse than the first. It appears to me,

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itself diminishing the dilatation of the cavities, which it does by cranq>-

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Emplot/is of Companies. — " Covering " and Partnership. — Clubs.

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ance, confined to the territory of this nerve, was first described by

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drops and cold applications— I believe suggested by Dr.

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found in structural changes in them, but the most diligent search in

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and, if possible, add something to our knowledge concerning

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the dinner to celebrate the jubilee of the Fellowship on

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rature ranged up to about in:i" F. ; there was complete anorexia, and the

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pect to find, almost certainly, that the adrenals are the seat of gross

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into an agreement with an unprincipled undertaker, would

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as 50,000, the average being 18,000; but where abscess is not present

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I have not met wnth more violent cases of pain than in some of these

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feature, however, in t>T)hoid intestinal ulcerations is that in healings

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the severity of the symptoms might be allayed by the application of

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headquarters are in Rome, has established an association, en-

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number of epithelial cells, and the size of the casts.

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The penal action of the Council was not on this occasion ol

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of the Public Health (London) Act requires a temporary