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attending the several Scotch veterinary colleges, and in Ireland whenever a

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approval list. Butter grade Is first determined by classifying the flavor characteris-

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John Ritter, M.D., Assistant Professor Emeritus of Medicine.

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The dental schools of Great Britain are : The National Dental

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, {Id) What would be the action of an Inspector mm,, i«ui

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the severity of the sensory disturbances (in the skin and in the muscles),

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such puiBl or pupils on the payment of £1 Is. per annum to the

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few hours, but cases occur in which certain parts of the brain are lacking —

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seldom any evidence of an exciting cause, and the disorder may attack either

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he has a defective power of receiving new impressions, and that he has lost

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8. No atadent ahall undertake any operation ontil he has attended the praotioe

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is, however, always present. The hysterical attack is likewise almost invari-

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Traced -n *:^e conta^ne*", ' .'^ ^ dn*^** t^rouo^ a '/a We i^ the toe a s^'o^'^ge drii?^.

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myelitis than to a systemic degeneration. In some cases systematic gymnastic

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necessary in oroe^ to insure that the milkfat Is distributed uniformly. The creafn mav

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courses of lectures taken in a particular year at certain colleges which

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J«hyt»atxon of & «eaa-dried food* occurs •

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recognize with certainty the initial stages of the disease. We have ourselves

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Bendenee of StudevUa, — Booms are provided within the walls of the

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24. Bisulphid of Carbon. — (Workers in rubber factories.) Vomiting. Se-

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tbose wbo bave passed a regular matriculation examination in classics*

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study, and will be exempted from the written part of the examination.

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very interesting. Corresponding to the preceding statements concerning the

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