Levothyroxine Suppresive Therapy

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carefully, and according to the directions which he

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yet the same laws of success applied equally to all ;

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placing one pole in the meatus of the ear, wliich was

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and Treatment of the Sheffield Grinders' Disease, eight

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ovarian tissue with Graafian follicles, in which healthy

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course of the acute infections, or may be induced gradually in the

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not only of no value, but a source of great loss, owing

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that at the invasion of epidemics the strong man is

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mation of the eye. The greater part of this chapter

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case. Meckel reported the case of a man aged fifty who died of

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been the means of completely checking the spread of

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MoNDii Metropolitan Free, 2 p.m.— St. Mark's for Fistula

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developed in connection with carcinoma of the oesophagus. In this

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the circulatory, respiratory, and secretive organs ; of

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the author concluded by a chi-onological summary of

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the view that the very scanty formation of bile, urine,

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weights are, for convenience, still retained ; but, in

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not a single case passed into collapse. It can scarcely

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chai'ge of the patient, to amputate at once. He did

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prompt an'augement. — Address "T., 774." Mr. Lanpley, as above.

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infectious cases, where were only hip- and foot-baths,