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acute pleurisy or pyo-pneumothorax. Sometimes a spot of circumscribed

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As soon as a tissue dies, it becomes subject to the conditions of inorganic

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no palpable changes. But a great diminution (say one quarter) produces

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the olecranon back of the external condyle. The forearm is flexed and

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tised according to the rules which surgery lays down for the reduction of

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careful observers from the use-of creosote, both internally and by inhala-

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39. Physical t^igns in acute pleurisy with a small amount of effusion 176

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pressed. Because of the extensive involvement of other tissues, the case

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neath the scab. This is properly healing by first intention without any

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occurs, and there is no softening. In these resi)ects it dilTers from fatty

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his attention to the stomach as the seat of the disease, and treat the pa-

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regarded as a distinct variety, but rather as a modification of other vari-

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creased, and there is dulness — not flatness — on percussion. In pleurisy the

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the dead tissues become swollen and edematous and noxious gases are

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it has been poured into the intestine, it is partly absorbed by the blood and

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the inflammation is limited to the synovial membrane, hi arthritis, the

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tality from phthisis of from forty to fifty per cent., while that among the

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times confounded ; in some respects they resemble each other — both are

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such constant attendants upon typhus fever do not depend upon menin-

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a locality previously free from the disease can establish there a focus of

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the tumor, and adhesions may be formed with surrounding parts.

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membrane, which is most marked aloiig the edge of the rug«, near the car-

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meninges of the brain (a rare occurrence) is indicated by delirium and active

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be recognized during life. Both gray miliary and yellow cheesy masses are

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the eruption), and measles. It differs from all but typhus in the sudden-

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lung is increased; so much so that it often bears the imj)ress of the ribs.

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It is occasionally met with in connection with lead poisoning. It has Ixeii

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axacum was formerly thought to have a powerful effect on the liver ; its

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cavity of the tunica vaginalis testis communicates with the pouch ex-

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tory system smaller in size until the quantity of the blood may be

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should be kept moist and the body should be covered with flannel. Some

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around the wound and the toxic products of the bacteria are produced in

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limit it. It is not unusual that in ligating the femoral artery there will

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Symptoms. — It is often ushered in by a chill, followed by a slight rise

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On the seventh day, or between it and the twelfth day, the characteristic

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out complications. The majority, however, die from the complication of

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anxiety as to the development of the other degenerative changes in the kid-

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