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tion and in which the same distances were always observed. Thus

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sents by far the largest proportion, twenty-one out of forty-seven, or

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dition of the rheumatic, who is pinioned, so to speak, in many

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convene at Albany, and do the mining operations, more than a bare

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took in the fifth and sixth roots of the cervical plexus.

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drawn up with the retreating lungs, owing te the pressure of the external air,

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vomiting or distress in the stomach, when caused by drinking too moclk

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has occasioned in various segments of medicine. Physi-

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Paraplegia and chronic myelitis — Cases XXXIV. to XXXIX.

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than fluid removed. Moreover, if a case is doing badly, large amounts, up to

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lying above and behind the stomach. The pancreas was

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" Dissections of infants that have died of various diseases, have exhibited the

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and Garriot's are either incomplete or unavailable. The opening

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Dr. W. PI. Carmalt, of New Haven, describes Changes in Refraction

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he does not exhaust himself, is not so alarmed, and

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Two portions of the filtrate of 125 cc. each are placed in two beakers. To each is

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acquire that amount of knowledge which is requisite for examination

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literature indicate an increase in the prevalence of persons allergic to

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" The tears are streaming from my smarting eyes, — so fare-

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snufiles in a newborn baby, is very suspicious. It is

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parts are thick and swollen. With the latter exception, the appear-

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Mental Health, 535 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois 60610.

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Carmona. Escuela de med., Mexico, 1885-6, vii, 295; 303;

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an increased difficulty in speech arises. Soon, associated with the

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rCde attended it. No moist sounds were heard, and the

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me on October 2, 1878, and gave tlie following history: Syphilis was denied.

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Symptoms from Fracture hy the Curb. — Swelling and tender-

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tain cases, and therefore the result is disappointing to them, and

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pain, and by the dullness, increased not in extent,

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irritated state of the intestinal surface." In con-