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or smooth, granulate or spinous, or be irregularly branching with protu-

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ordinate to those of the disease in which it occurs as a complication, and

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there is developed a second paroxysm of fever with well-marked diurnal

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dulcolax long term usage

the cases in groups ; but it must be remembered that not only do these

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by local blood-letting, by counter-irritation, and by fall doses of seda-

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appear and in part are widely separated. The peribronchial tissue be-

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the mechanical causes within the abdomen are considered. Acute is to

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Muscular spasms may occur from irritation of the anterior roots. The

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the symptoms being unconsciousness or semi-unconsciousness, muttering

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the symptoms rapidly follow fright or occur in nasal affections and

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are obstinately constipated. Vomiting is often severe. The fever tem-

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the inflammatory changes may be limited to definite portions of the

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with other abdominal tumors, but is more likely to be mistaken for a

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be made to wash out the stomach. We have seen a fatal strychnic

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thus open, dilatation really becomes necessary, and should be carried

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long been familiar with this work. It is well known also to the stu-

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tity secreted in the twenty-four hours may vary from three quarts to sev-

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ture are hysterics, who are able to live upon the smallest quantity of

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It is gray, or reddish gray, and more or less translucent according to the

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but the motor disturbances of the more advanced disorder are wanting.

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removed from a patient for the purpose of diagnosis.

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value. The rule in syphilis is that cachexia contra-indicates the use of

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occasionally occur. The large intestine is usually obstructed, and the

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a very large proportion of cases begin in diseases of the teeth or the

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and it is chiefly introduced by means of the inhalation of particles of

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Pregnancy at times acts as a cause of nephritis, as well as of passive

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brane, and by the presence of a mucous or muco-purulent secretion, and

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scure, since this affection occurs as a complication of a variety of well-

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p^tablishment at Singapore, "that Assistant Surgeon J. Cowpar is in

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Tonsils Acute fe v yngitis Chronic Pharyngitis Angina Ludovici Retro-

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the vicinity of the suspensory ligament, often in groups, and are to be

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diffused, not aneurismal ; while in rare instances it does not seem possible

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gastric catarrh, or from the peritoneum in perigastritis. Degenerative

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as to the probable extent and completeness of the final palsy, since there

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With symptoms of apparent equal severity in two patients, the one

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