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ment and good nursing, reaction was produced in a few hours
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trophied fringe; a blood-clot; an osteophyte broken off ; or a real body, as a needle.
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and papillated. Their consistency, although not always the
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the digested food, for the growth and support of the several
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about it, and he gave his opinion that if the operation
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" a case, recently amputated at Bellevue Hospital, commenced in a finger"
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and at its very base there was a collection of sacs varying in size from that of a
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larger, than bovine red-blood corpuscles. They are round, have often a central
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Hollister, William F., M.D. (Duke, 1938), Assistant Professor of
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April 19, 1902), who has made an exhaustive study of the sub-
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protection to the exposed tissues. On the other hand, it can
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where, the farmers of the State will do well to learn to re-
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pleasant or repulsive ; expensive wines, raw spirits, or whatsoever comes
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recurred every evening (except during one week) for ten weeks, when she was
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The numbers above given comprised those who were actually
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children for physical defects, but it aims at something infinitely
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by the reading of an entertaining book. Its location is mainly in
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that tractions are similar to convulsions in their effect on the
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branes is of extensive application in the practice of the obstetrical
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moderate myocyte hypertrophy and mild focal interstitial
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byl plant in Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. It forced more
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cough, which affects the animal, notwithstanding every apparent in-
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occur until the middle of December. Some of these, I am
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^' Before quitting the subject, I beg leave to intro-
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Vaughan Harley, who, whilst undergoing muscular labour
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is a subject on which, from the time of Wells and Morton, dentists,
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used with the magazine rifle, a long diameter of an inch and
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" drunk " in the pre-comatose stage. There is no absolute neuro-
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then, hardly detectable. Nor was its outline constant ;
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be seen to exude from a small perforation about two inches above
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near angle of jaw, where there was marked separation of fragments, and the