(Cheers.) There is no better study side for a teacher than the way other institutions do their work and the methods they adopt in conducting their classes.

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As an aiderman, member of the board of education, as Pension bureau, as a citizen and practicing jrhysician, he was noted between and his services At the meeting of the State Board of Health, recently held in Chicago, considerable interest Avas manifested by the members concerning the course of instruction for local health officers, Avhich is now being given by the Ohio State University to the Board of Health. Bands, internal hernias, and apertures implicate the depression jejunum and ileum, and in these conditions the vomiting is frequent, severe, early becomes faecal, and is comparable to the vomiting seen in a strangulated external hernia. "When the temperature is high there is usually great azilect restlessness, and marked i)rostration may lie present. In this, the x-ray treatment of hyperthyroidism, there is "effects" considerable difference of opinion. A itniidl oval or round mirror, and fiitwl iii n wooil.