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Guerin§ is an enthusiastic advocate of frequent but brief cold baths

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It was often talked of in earlier years, and once tried with rather

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tive during the life of the patient ; hence the condition is often incident-

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arouse the vasomotor system more energetically than do other forms of

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controlled by the simplest external application of cold water, such as

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(3) Latent Pneumonia. — To this class belong central pneumonias

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May 7th. His weight is one hundred and thirty-nine pounds. He has been

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months of this treatment, short walks are indulged in around

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of formaldehyde. Merc's formaldehyde is a forty per cent.

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the effect is the same upon the respiration, circulation, tension, etc.,

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at from 5 to 8 p.m. It now falls slowly until about 4 or 5 A. M., and

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safe. Mushrooms and toadstools (I use the word mushroom

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gonorrhoea in the male. Always be sure to warn your patient

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same property which characterizes all other nerves; i.e., they are

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but it may be jjerhajis a simple matter to jirevent its development."

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in the out-wards, which the old paupers loved to think of as

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dangerous complications and accidents. These have all been enumerated

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Hypostatic congestion of the lungs, due to enfeeblement of the cardio-

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point in hay-fever. Having been a lifelong sufferer myself

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mind of the practitioner, who would fain shrink from the trouble, an-

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may be asked here what part do intestinal microbes play in

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do not do well in high altitudes; the heart is very irritable,

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Marine Hospital in San Francisco I saw nothing but chlo-

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first effort gagging may ensue, but an abundant mucus is soon secreted

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are summed up correctly by Frey as being the outcome of increase of

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enormous influence upon this function of the skin in disease.

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organic cells. A man cannot live on distilled water as a

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infect the human subject, are well-established facts. ^ Gerlach and Klebs

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the baths should not be too low at the start : at the beginning it should

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of dicrotism, intermittence, and irregularity, and with a longer duration

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accelerated, and there is more or less cyanosis, with which symptom is

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