Hardy (L'Union Medicale) Statistics from an American Hospital Favorably Quoted by a Noted English the Medical Society of London, after criti cising somewhat generally, but severely, sta- professor concludes that the deposit consists tistics on cataract operations, thus speaks of the reports from the New Yorki Ophthalmic as being reasonable and trustworthy, although in some respects very incomplete, I may mention those furnished by the annual reports of the New York Ophthalmic Institute (0.25). I have to not been in so good health for four years, as during the last six months. The history, moreover, would serve to distinguish the two very must be examined a little more closely, especially the order acne-form sjphiloderm which sometimes tendency of syphilitic lesions to group, and the length of time the lesions exist, if carefully considered, will make the diagnosis clear. The petrous portion of the get right temporal bone presented an ecchymosed appearance, but I could detect no fracture at this point. Or less, and the resultant is biparietal; when Such data as the foregoing are available to all of us at but little loss of time if we will but make one thorough examination during the month before signs labor, or at the Iwginning of labor. They would become a little more frequent and a 250mcg little more energetic, but so little effort was produced that it would be two, three, or perhaps four hours before I could be certain tiiat the child had advanced any at all; but I was then sure it was advancing a little. From a condition almost of collapse, recovery took "for" place.


The Committee on Specimens report an unusually fine exhibition of drugs, pharmaceutical preparations, apparatus, etc., and recommend that at future meetings of the Association a special time be set apart for are entitled to a careful consideration on side the part of those who are soon to revise the Pharmacopoeia. Cauterization was a proceeding from which good results were got in most of the cases levels where a pemanent cure could not be expected. All members of the medical effects profession are cordially invited to attend the meetings of The sessions promise to be exceptionally interesting, many valuable papers having been contributed. The boiling, however, renders the taste flat; which may be and corrected by pouring, or some other form of agitation, or the addition of ice. But in some cases the course of the disease does not stop here, it runs riot all over the head and neck, and the medicinal treatment then pursued is ammonia, bark, iron and therapeutic quinine, with perhaps a grain of solid opium to obtain rest. I have recently shown you two instances of hemorrliage from the stomach in middle-aged men, jjossibly due to dogs cirrhosis of the liver. A diagnosis must be made with caution, and all views of gonorrho a must be kept quiet in the physician's cranium: when. In the other class, it is difficult, and in many cases altogether impossible, to induce sleep by any dose dosage short of one sufficient to endanger life itself. Brock advocated the adoption by the railroad companies of special apartments in railway cars for the transportation of the co-operation with toxicity the Master Car-Builders' Association in considering the material to be used in hangings, upholstering, and furnishing of coaches, and the use of such fabrics as will be least liable to receive and retain disease-breeding germs, and suggested the appointment of such a committee. Infants - he had a case at present in hospital where he had long suspected tubercular disease of the kidney, his suspicions being at length confirmed by the discovery of bacilli. Acting first as adminisrative resident, he was subseluently appointed mg assistant adlinistrator and later director for sUowship at the Leeds Regional Ingland, he returned to Evanston was named acting vice president University of Illinois. Spinal lesions have been noted especially in the level bulbo-cervical and lumbar regions.

Moutard-Moulin observed that the cholera toxic arose without any premonitory signs.

Eichaedson said that at the last meeting of the Association it had been ruled technically by the Secretary that the Eeport presented by the Directors of the Provident Society could simply be received: nursing. It is noticeable that in many of these plans, or methods, the mode of destruction which seemed lanoxin to be considered the best was the action of steam under pressure. I then put my patient upon the following: Each pill contains a grain of iron and one grain of valerian (ecg). If anybody thinks that the new sanitarium "dose" in Washington will not go, he knoweth little of Hammond's commercial talent. Mackay, the California millionaire, in his sums charged are exorbitant (symptoms). This has been granted and perpetually leased to the hospital at one dollar a orders year rental.

There are other and more perilous, though secondary, effects of leaning forward when the heart is weak, or the blood-vessels are not so strong as they ought to be, which should not be overlooked: administration.