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proposes to term ' putrid gaseous necrobiosis '. This was characterized by
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the auricular activity would precede the ventricular. The occur-
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in Jefferson's cases, make this extremely probable. All these possibilities
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to its employment. Unfortunately Garrod' later introduced the
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nature of the affection is still doubtful. In some cases it may possibly be
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other hand, it is frequently impossible to draw the line between
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as "typical" headache. Sensations of fulness or pressure in the
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2 or 3 mm. During inspiration the air is sucked through the stenosis,
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5. Magnus-Levy. Ergebnisse der Inneren Medizin and Kinderheilkunde, vol. i,
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obstinate and fatal disease. We regard it, however, as a most
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Pathology. There have been no autopsies and no .r-ray exami-
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be rejected. During the period of treatment an irritation of the irradiated
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another individual can be explained in most cases only by assuming the
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day. The taking of food or water facilitates the passage of the
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communication obstruction from the pressure of malignant tumours is not
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The colored plates in this article are reproductions of reactions
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epidemique. Gaz. hebd. d. sc. med. de Bordeaux, 1920, 41, 233-5.
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the pus and thus the only opportunity of detecting the invading
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exists in the patient's family on the maternal side.