Decadron Im Dosage For Adults

expectoration, often containing small firm, yellow masses. There is
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Physical Signs. — The physical signs of fatty heart are few and not diag-
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periosteum is involved, the redness will be considerable. There may
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Symptoms. — It begins cither with vomiting or diarrhoea, or both. There
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the effects of the blood change, from uraemia, black vomit, suppression,
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which corresponds to the affected portion of the lung. It is not well marked
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cedematous swellings are excessive, minute punctures will afford marked
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amination to make the diagnosis. In malignant tumors, as a rule, there
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In passive hyper mmia, without any structural changes in the kidneys, the
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ministered. In severe cases, all movement of the parts must be prevented.
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acteristic of cholera. Everything introduced into the stomach causes vom-
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serum of Tizzoni is said to be little short of useless. In chronic cases
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stole, and they receive more (iian their normal quantity of blood. A certain
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subsidence of the tenesmus and of the peculiar dysenteric stools. The unfa-
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is diminished by out-door exercise. Uric acid appears in the urine as a
decadron im dosage for adults
Some claim that yellow fever poison, thou.2fh not rZj'rec//^ transmissihle from
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phthisis. The physical signs, pyrexia, and history of the patient will suf-
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as the operator grasps the head of the humerus. The arm may be rotated
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fetid odor. Not infrequently, just before death, large amounts of blood
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/fe,^^^^^$5— > "7 Differential Diagnosis. — The
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affects the muscles of the back, it is termed lumbago; the intercostal
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Fatty ilegeneration dei)ends upon all those conditions which interfere
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inflammation. At the end of two weeks, slight manipulation of the
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granular, and their nuclei more or less obscured ; as a result, the lumen of
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ble ; the second sound is often inaudible at the apex, and the two sounds are
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plish the desired result. Digitalis is the most valuable drug for this pur-
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the term eccentric atrophy is used a condition of simple dilatation is indi-
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Sometimes the first attack proves fatal ; in more instances the second or
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old dislocations, it is necessary to prepare the joint for the operation
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Blows and severe muscular exercise are said to have caused it. Splenitis
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weeks, and when it disappears it leaves the skin unstained, whereas in ty-
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inflammatory processes tend to necrosis and suppuration are more liable
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and stains the tissues, even the bones, the teeth and pathological new forma-
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whitish furrows indent it, the result of cicatricial contractions. Fibroid
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a residue of blood is washed out at the bcfiinningof the flow of uriuo. The
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tened, hardened and shrunken, and gradually disappear. The remaining
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and the connective tissues beneath it. The cause of a boil is infection
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above the scapula which can be perceived before the ear can detect dulness
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should be administered tending towards the support of the patient and
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