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Divinity Hall, but, giving up the idea of being a minister, turned

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is a cyUndrical-celled adeno-carcinoma with metastases.

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especially that form which follows operations upon the mouth and throat.

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quickly than to "Yin Mariani." The most noted European physicians, litterateurs,

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in the suburbs of the city, and the Pediatric Society had

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fidelity watched the aspect of disease by the bedside, and thus made him-


few cancerous nodules, and was for the most part wholly crepitant excepting

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used a little adrenalin rubbed in a few minutes before the operation.

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favor, i. e., its safety. In the cases of compound fracture

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social influence to smoke, promote anti-smoking norms,

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rise of fever with a simultaneous disappearance of the dis-

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Experimentally an acidosis may be produced by the use of an ash- and

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chambers is fortunately very rare in temperate climates. In India, South

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fering from fever, very intense headache — always

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rallied quickly, and died long after the typhoid process

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of its accumulation in the circulation will induce a general sus-

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or that the minor attacks have the slightest importance.

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been the primary disease, and was not an effect of the other disease, was proved

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suppuration in various portions of the body. In these

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cisive as regards the theory of the cause of paraly-

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mortality rate. A large, quiet, well aired and ventilated room with a

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system as slowly as possible, and to remit for a time the

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who gave to this force the name of "od," using this term as a

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Nevertheless, opposition, beginning with the very first homoe-