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unchecked this contagion may be conveyed to other children, and thus

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New England lady has since died, in spite of X.'s prescrip-

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for the immediate ease of rest and recreation, even at the cost of certain

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abate the vascular activity in the centre, but it continues actively all

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nature that when the power to reproduce ceases, the whole vital energy

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these conditions, they can remain dormant in some unascertained medium

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Such cases may be classed under the heading Symptomatic zoster.

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patients suffering from the disease, may possibly be due to an eruption of

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titis. Both, however, are common diseases, and there is not sufficient

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if the improvement were to be very great, the self-indulgence would be

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Frequency. — Pemphigus has always been regarded as a rare disease,

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outriders in splendid liveries, from Epsom, where she had

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that patients in early stages have relieved this condition and have obtained

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scales fall off, or are removed, a red exuding surface, like that of eczema

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and Essays, ed. Howard Marsh. Lectures on Nervous Mimicry. Lond. 1875. — 23.

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the urethra, and of the pudendum in women. Later Hebra protested

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donor, capable of forming HP0 4 = . The ammonium ion, NH 4 + , and

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few, and the unwary are thus entrapped. Outbursts, renewed repeatedly

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Sleep," Pepper's Syst. of Medicine, 1886, vol. v. p. 370. — 10. Maroet. "History of

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some other local irregularity, trivial enough perhaps in itself, may close

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The actual production of a distinct vesicle by the exuded fluid is

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influence may reawaken old ideas, which have been to all appearance

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of unsound mind under legal care complicated and clumsy, but they

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then has a terrific debauch ending in an attack of delirium tremens. Here

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tion, "First case your hare" {i. e., "First skin your hare"),

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some writers regard them as having a common origin in the neurotic

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existence ; but, if extensive, the contact with hot food or drink, or

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the manifest analogy with erythema, regard them as modifications of the

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the surface of the patch are always evident. The close relation of such

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there are undoubtedly auras of this description. The term, however,

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vesicles or bullae a very close approach is made ; and the resemblance is

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at present. This portion consists of fibres inserted into the lower half

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gifted with undue powers ; but essentially all insanity is weakness. Thus

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of the secretion either into unaffected portions of the patient's own skin

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why wrongs done to individuals are regarded as offences against the

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lanoline and vaseline in equal parts, simple vaseline, spermaceti ointment,