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some uterine disturbance, and she may have had leucorrhoea. He certainly
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have removed all doubts as to the truth of this proposition, 4th. By diminish-
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mia. West. M. J., Fort Scott,1899, xi, 84-86.— Kanellis
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the shotgun. He requires competent testimony, based on
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stances which are capable of imbibing moisture. This fact is
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By the table which accompanies this, it will be seen that the first
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To remove these conditions, when once established, must be the work
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aais djaring this incursion, durst not come into the field, but
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are large floating opacities and some bloody streaks in the vitre-
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headache, nausea, vomiting, poor health, mental disturbances, lack
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1. Dunbar, Flanders: Psychosomatic Diagnosis. New York:
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phine-sulphate was injected subcutaneously. This ajQforded con-
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Commercial College during 48 weeks' study and practice, showing more
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and as practical in their selection of suitable methods as
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Captured. For the captured type of casualty (tables IV
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by which any conclusion as to a specific action of the tubercle products
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rectly, ventricular stroke volumes. The combination of
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and colour the integuments. On examining the acari immedi-
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the same way with equally good results, except that
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articular rheumatism either distinctly precede or follow evident
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The treatment of varioloid does not claim separate consideration. Tiie
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flexes present, pupils normal, extremities cold and
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revenue cutter Bear to the chief of the revenue cutter
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3. In other cases, nervous cardialgia depends on diseases of the splntl
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portion of the partly obliterated funicular the earliest possible diagnosis. From a
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a fall on the shoulder in a young child is almost always
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lying-in hospital, facial erysipelas, which is generally so slight, assumed
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axis-liaction forceps. Am. J. Obst., N. Y., 1892, xxvi, 60-
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of workhouses. Hospitals, and charitable institutions, there is
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extend his research. The article attracted no attention outside
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zematizatiou ; they now present a grayish-red tint, at times somewhat
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these patients and, in addition, they themselves report a subjective sense