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and production of the disease by inoculation, has not been achieved.

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not noticed. The worst symptom was sweating, but this in many cases was

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were brief; the brain and vspinal cord were at no time free from

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lamina cribrosa is conspicuous over a great part of its surface ; the margin

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shows a great tendency to spread inwards and to form 'pearls.' There

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improvement in the condition of the patient. The breasts did not

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Morbid Processes " ; G. H. Wilson, M. D., " Perinephritis, with Suppuration, in a

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obtained negative results in similar experiments. On the other hand,

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dominal wound. To stitch it to the a[)oneurosis rather

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intelligibly, and thus have rendered his treatise what it really

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frequent desire to urinate. The glands in the groin may become

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abscessof the liver, which he asserts is white, or yellowish, like

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considerably larger than the average individual size found later on ; the

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favorable sign, especially in cases in which chronic interstitial nephritis is as^

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nection of this fever with the fact that the food is insufficient