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inhibition " is excited in certain motor regions by a sensory irritation arising

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The term waterfoods includes fish and shellfish. The anatomical

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25. Out-Patient New-born Service. — In association with Obstetrics and Gynecolo-

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should be shaved if practicable, and local depletion by means of leeches behind

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tain only by the result of treatment; but even in such cases the physician

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subjects connected therewith as shall be prescribed." The scholar is

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of the spinal cord, and leave the latter only at the conus meclullaris. There-

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The sensory tract (cf. page 156, and Fig. 125, page 193) lies at the

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nancy in a mother otherwise healthy may, by enfeebling the child, be of most

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between temperature and quantity of heat, specific and latent heat,

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of normal " trophoneurotic " influences is at present wholly undetermined.

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Throughout the third year students serve as hospital externs, a quarter each in Medi-

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and Chemical Applications of Sulphuric Acid— other Oxygen Com-

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In the spinal meninges have been found sarcomata, endotheliomata,