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physician just entering on a career of fame and usefulness dies on
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light energy has been studied but certain investigations have
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These men said we will organize a society, and forth-
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Beach has recorded a case in which it weighed 62 oz.
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well trained. The cost of this system is $76,000, while
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" ' It goes somewhat better with me after a long and painful
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but prefers to use even that on a STiiall sponge with a holder.
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pain ; but if it be sufficiently large to impinge upon the sides of
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uncomfortable and embarrassing, which often makes it necessary
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He has no pain in his head. His tongue is much cleaner. His
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articular rheumatism dengue differs in its course and duration as well as
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liver, is exceedingly apt to produce icterus; but it has not been so
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M. Cloquet truly observed that the Academy is a national
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evening by a public dinner. Notice will be given, in due time, of the
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therefore did not put them to the Congress, but referred them back to
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against hazards. Inhibition of lactation may occur.
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inflammation at the anterior base. Hence there will be an abnormally
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sclerosis. Normally, the pupil dilates under nervous excite-
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the better opportunity for drainage, or to some other clinical reason.
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Text-Fig. 4. Tbe effect of hemorrhage aod traosfusioD on the response to epinephr.
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he first termed " ozone" (o£<y — " I smell"), and which he believed
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Lectures on Mental Diseases. By Henry Putnam Stearns, A.M., M.D.
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Smith— The Teeth and How to Save them, by Dr. L. P. Meredith— Cum-
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cess in the treatment of disease, she had been accused of witch-
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recurrence, a cerebrovascular accident six years earlier, and
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it is, however, better not to do this unless it is imperatively
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apparent difficulty, if told to stand with closed eyes, he
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