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of County Health Work was organized, and carries on its work. Through

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being 5 or 10 to 1. The disease affects persons of a better station of

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Edition. Edited by J. Clifton Edgar, M.D., Professor of Ob-

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bottles, or hot salt bags, covering with woolen blanket. Also

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tion of the flap. The general procedure consisted of

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free from pain and able to work. The second case was a man,

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in consequence of incomplete oxidation transmutation,

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The aflfection, as compared with simple spasmodic paralysis, runs a rapid

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the clinical instruction or by advancing the instruction in

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specially for this text-book ; and then, the Vanity Fair models

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sudden impulses from the central nervous organs, into the whole

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In reference to this case, a question arises โ€” Does the habitual use of

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Question of Surgical Interference. โ€” Dr. H. C. Coe, in

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pressure. It was stated by de Schweinitz some years ago that

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whilst, on the other, no fear of want, either for himself or those depend-

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terms; thirdly, the nurses learned to be very helpful; and lastly, the

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ยง 9. The gums and teeth, from the effects of Arsenic, present

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going about teaching people, not only how to feed in-

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form of small whitish gray, semi-transparent colonies.

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Untreated, it lasts several years, generally two or three.

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Broussais. Though not placing unqualitied reliance on the accounts

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Berl., 1890, xi, 279-335.โ€” CSaiuagiwa (K.) Beitrag zur

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ana;mic, and had not menstruated for four months. On this

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^ Centralblatt fvir Chirurgie, vol. xviii. No. 27, p. 513.

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beauty of execution to both students and practitioners. When the complete

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and/or Nuclear Medicine helpful but not essential. No invasive