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his boots fitted to his feet, as his coat is to his back :

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Middle and Advanced Life," Lancet, London, 1901, vol. i. p. 845.

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work and the character of service performed in the clinics and the hospital

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truth the creme-la-creme of the profession) await Virginia's move in this highly im-

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Dr. Strecker spoke recently at the Neuro-Psychiatric

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bacillus prodigiosus has been continued and their indications

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relation to the diseases of the lungs, to which it almost exclu-

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of these patients," says E. Besnier,'" "feel painful sensations of a

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county, Holger Danske, who is familiar to the readers of An-

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Carcinoma, X-Ray and Other Severe X-Ray Lesions, Surgical T'.Lui.nent of

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different p;irts of the extremities, suffusion of the left eye, with pus in

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will add this link also to the chain which shall surround the

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Dearborn, Samuel Dinsmore, Ezekiel D. French, William L. Harmon^

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laboratories). This, however, has not proved to be of any practical value. The

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juice. The mucous membrane is thickened, and the surface is usually

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genital syphilis. They are often retarded in their growth. The bones

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the paralysis of the main vasomotor center and the dilatation of the vessels may

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phosphate of lime ; 6, phosphate of potash ; 7, nitrate of potash ;

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suitable, plain, nourishing food, and without the aid of

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complished in advancing our knowledge of this subject. A few

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"otherwise incurable obstructions in the transmitting

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clavicle, then beneath the clavicle to the axilla, where its name

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by bending the tines of a fork and the handle of a spoon,

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nities may be afforded for pathological study. Aside from

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intercostal spaces are pushed out to a level with the ribs, and may be bulging.

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bone. Albee^ claims that metal even inhibits bone formation, produces

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ischen Kindern. Arch. f. exper. Path. u. Phar., 1894, xxxiii, 79.

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localities, and the persons thus suddenly attacked may present little or no