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I saw her several hours later, her general appearance being poor, her

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rail of a metropolitan centre, to which manufacturers may be

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supervisor of a certain training school for nurses to disguise her

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nine months ago. Present illness began five days ago with head-

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the best remedy for this class of cases. My individual ex[)erience is in

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kidney lesions in the initial stage. Our knowledge, as yet, is too meagre,

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The diuretic action of caffeine being open to the objection that it may be

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O'SULLIVAN {Australian Medical Journal, September 15, 1889) reports a

carvedilol (coreg) is classified as a quizlet

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tympani, only. This has not been accentuated fortunately be-

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the larynx in the middle line from below upward with probe-pointed bistoury

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discharge soon ceases and a reparative process is begun. In those cases

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As soon as I find a patient beginning to have nausea and vomiting, or

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and saved at eight months. What is to be done in such a case, and par-

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Medical Record and the American Journal of Obstetrics. This

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venient one to handle." Of digitalis the following is said: " In my

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At the front the men are under practically a continuous strain,

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pearance of its glandular troubles as well as its rapid restoration

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as in other severe anemias with an enlargement somewhat less

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markedly diminished, so that the elimination amounted to only

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lived to the age of twenty-two years (1701-1723). Helene preceded,

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Spitzka,^ after combating the idea that the mental faculties are ordi-

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teen ounces of fluid. There was slow improvement in the general condition

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which the other abdominal muscles end, comes into view, and is easily

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learns that resting does not mean sitting down in a chair for a few

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The pedicle, four millimetres wide, was attached between the spina helicis

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"Looking at the subject purely from the surgical rather than the

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Among the numerous monographs upon insomnia this deserves to

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little or no dilatation above it, and a ragged appearance suggesting

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ments, and also by protecting the dumb creation against the

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deal of skill and ability, and so it does in the cases that the doctor presented

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Applied just above the external auditory meatus the instrument makes