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the tardy development of symptoms in morphine poisoning. Nearly all

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used from Carrel and Dehelly. The book is of timely importance,

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it is claimed that Group I donors can be used irrespective of the group

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collect.^ only from fifty to scvcnty-flvc per cent, of its earnings.

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stances. In all cases in which malaria is possible, particularly if the

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already described, but it is more persistent, and accompanied by febrile rises

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have failed to detect evidence of peripheral neuritis in the paralysed limbs of

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The prophylaxis of this as of all filaria disease lies in protection

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the acidosis has disappeared. The exsanguination-transfusion method developed

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because the more premature the child the larger the head is relatively

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yet distressing, condition lies in maintaining the carbohydrate balance of the

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eating raw or imperfectly cooked pork, pork sausages, lard, or other

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a congenital hole in the diaphragm. Extensive emphysema or a collection of

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the evolution of the proper quota of cases of phthisis. These statistics bring

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often effective. Its alkaloid, pelletierine, in from 5 to 7 grs., is said to be

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thicker, is laminated, and, when torn, curls back in the reverse way to its

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especially in the pus escaping from the drainage tube several days after

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perhaps into the third year, in a soft and partially calcified state. They

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