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murmur was still heard at the apex of right lung, it was concluded that the abscess

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Resolved, That in case patients are ordered to be transferred to the Middletown

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Developed in close cooperation with the surgical profes-

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editorial chai'ge of George M. Gould, M.D., in two volumes, $6.00.

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Tijdschr. v. Geneesk., Amst., 1893, 2. R., xxix, d. 2, 597-

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of women, having been supported wholly by voluntary gifts and

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ness is wholly lost in the various forms of petit-mal, though

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connection the fact that the foetus also has a liver ought

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It is probable that the change most often is of a kind to which

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nutritive movements of the fluids, or the circulation, as it is ge-

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excessively crowded, and ill ventilated — and yet the harm-

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Pasteur, II. Hotfmann, and F. Colm, have demonstrated

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distinctly audible over the posterior region of the left

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ing down the bones of the head, and many instruments have been contrived

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Suppl., Bost., 1883, iv, 1 - 86.— Shtshcrbakolf (A. S.)

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those due to valvular disease. Sometimes the patient has difficulty or

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with the feet close together he would fall to one side unless supported.

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vious general affection. It is not necessary for us to enter into any pro-

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devote to work done in the domain of minute anatomy.

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of dry sand ; in consequence, the fever broke out, and many deaths occurred.

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Paper by the Vice-President, Dr. Thomas, on ''The Induction of Pre-

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tolerably firm consistence. The gall-bladder projected about an inch and a half

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when they have hajjpened to exist together with it. And the

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had l.ccn protracted, and especially in such as presented well-

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some bones, shank bones of two legs of mutton, 3 onions, some

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to the " Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion," and

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were not palpable. There was no abdominal distress. The nervous system

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It is still ilouhtful whetlior it deserves a separate desigiiatidti. and iii,iil

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