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sponges were packed round it, and a small trocar thrust in.
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tions could he procure so much fresh air ; but, in stormy
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being allowed to enier one section. At the rer(ucst of the Brigade-
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ment this, as it is found that the dark bands, that is, the
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limbs it is usually found necessary, in order to afford suffi-
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by Ehrlich's method ; the red corpuscles are designated
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were administered in eight days. Six animals, therefore,
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■o? bail in £oOO and one surety in £500. A writ of habeas
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It is a melancholy fact that the Rivers Poilution Prevention Act of IftTfi is
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reduce the mortality caused by snake bites, and to cure those
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during reduction of pressure, for the middle ear is full of air
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cases of ofl'eusive flatulence associated with dyspepsia.
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aspirated, and 26 ounces of semi-purulent serum removed.
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factory conclusion that what we have removed is an intan-
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the body generally ; and hence frontal headache occurs in
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cholera on board during the voyage. If a vessel has had
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W-C— Assistant Surgeon ; must be F.R.C.S.Eng. Applications to the
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March 2nth. The annual rate of mortality in these towns, which had
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kidneys, and spleen. The pressure is exerted more on the
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servedly that an enlargement of the hospital would be a long
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and former pupils, and the whole medical profession of
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guide through the stricture, which was divided from before
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Grant Medical College, appear in the witness-box in cases of poisoning
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hoped, be added to the roll of the benefactors of mankind from
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Surgeon-General Retired writes: Persons of good breodiug may,
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sity for powers to detain compulsorily such oftenders for a
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City Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, St. George-in-thc-East, and IMile End
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individual life of special living organisms. Brown remarked,
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relieve the monotomy of their existence in large garrisons.
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every way. The result left nothing to be desired. But Mr.
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1-10° F., and even to 200° F. When these particles of sand are
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whether in the process of purification we have added some-
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The time which the eruption took in reaching its maximum
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lular tissue is practised in France to render more easy the
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and end on Friday, April 21st. Practitioners who can spare
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Surgeon-Major G. Bomfokd, M.D , Bengal Establishment, is appointed