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may be strictly enforced. But something more is needed. It
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terectomy for cancer, and his large experience with this
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of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, and originated the plans
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At 8.30 a.m., March 4, thirty-seven and a half hours after the
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The Brooklyn Homoeopathic Hospital Dispensary Staff (re-organized
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tions, topical applications, and the proper use of the pessary in
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" A Correct Diagnosis Essential to Successfully treat Gyneco-
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which is common to all hysterical people, — that simulation or
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sun goes up to meridian, decreases as it goes down, and disap-
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Fowler withdrew from his former connection and joined
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Dr. Lewis' office is at No. 616 Madison Avenue, New York City.
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and as an operator that he gained his wide reputation.
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attacked by the disease, the child had already made the first attempts to
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wounded at the same time as the arteries, of which they
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varied, self-sacrificing, and eventful life hasgiven his name
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presided over by Professor Felix Adler, and was one of the board of
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it " jumps from one joint to another." To-day this joint will be affected and
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physicians, lawyers, ministers, and other followings. On
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ease has accompanied his entire career of forty years as assistant
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have generally a rather favourable prognosis. They usually
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The remaining velocity, which is of far greater importance
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tion for an article on "The Lifting Power of the Adductors and
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of an ancient and honorable ancestry in this country. His genealogy
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middle-aged men. The course of this disease is very tedious, and generally
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erably increased by the body sitting limp and crumpled, and
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TXR. JOHN BLAKE WHITE, of New York City, surgeon, author,
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In this way all the tissue which had discharged so profusely was
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for four days, at the end of which time about eight hundred
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While in the early history of the Skene family we find
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Osseous Lesions. — When the bones are hit, the lesions
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tics as " he " never could while wandering in the quagmire of
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have received in the friendly spirit in which they are offered.
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inflammation. Military surgeons cannot pay too much
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ings of allopathy with homoeopathy in Massachusetts reply to
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parlor will cease to be an infirmary, and a ruddier set of saints
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The October issue of the Popular Science Monthly con-