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The above cut represents a cancer on The rose cancer should never bo meddled

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Paris, &c., &c.^ Directeur de la Maison de Sante Ponded

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Minute, transparent, highly refractive algoid filaments, which develop

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tion, which is an ordinary coincident symptom, is referred by

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Let all the powers of the body be naturally and moderately indulged in their

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In this weak stale women often continue for many years. Yet in most cases, hay-

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cavity, periostitis plastic or suppurative, impax^tion of thd

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success is its employment oefore any sign of inflammation is present.

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cases (of 'dengue') cannot be distinguished m>m those of mild

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had died in utero, was about twenty-five weeks old. It was deeply

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was seen of Paul — 1 Cor. xv. 5 to 9 verse. The dead in Christ shall arise first. —

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head or brain. It of course lived but a very brief period"

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ceased ; and after tliree months the involuntary movements returned.

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element meets with the muscular faBciculus. At the same point, or

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afflicted with the scrofula, erysipelas, ulcers, or

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fecundity. Twin-bearing increases in frequency, as the num-

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Quinine, — By careful manipulation, quinine yields a crystalline subli-

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found in the French Male Safe and French Prevention Powder, which are employed

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at the termination of three weeks, and then the picture began to

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the Deity; I boldly declare that doctors can euro each and every kind of consump-

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To put off marriage and then attempt to control amativeness, in either man or

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cause of the disease is in the blood, and the blood must be restored to its healthy

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of men and women demands tin's at the hands of the living generation. Let them

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medical man. Hence all writers who have treated of this

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This work on climatology, by a young physician, commends