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glands, which communicate with the external iliac and lateral lumbar
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the mesentery were discovered two small fistulous openings out of
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man, aged fifty-four, who had showed the signs of chronic peritonitis
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described above, namely, 0.027 of second. We regard the method used
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Occlusion of the coronaries produced in this way had the effect of
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the increasing feebleness and tendency to syncope, by the manifes-
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with augmented arterial tension, the fear, present or remote, of true
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Pellagrin 260, living diagonally across the street from the R. family, died of
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could be treated with one dose of salvarsan, that is, one with salvarsan
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the time interval of negativity between two points consists in using two
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week if preferred. A regular daily dose is best, as it becomes a mat-
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is a distinct risk of overtiring the eye, which produces a rapid diminu-
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the investigations of Hiisler, in one hundred persons, healthy, sick,
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and outgo of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, calcium and magnesium
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would neither have been fair to the writer nor tolerable hj the
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ninety-seven; in 1913 there were added seventy-six, making 173, and
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amount of material, the relationship between concentration and instru-
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recognized. Cultures after two weeks gave white, fluffy growths. Bacillus
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conclude that a far larger quantity of thyroid secretion is poured
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sensations, and the pulse was regular and much slower. The systolic blood pres-
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of the bladder, for instance, drain largely into the internal iliac
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closely resemble those of angina pectoris manifest on repeated exam-
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Minot. George R. : The blood platelets in hemophilia 474
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Case 64. — A man, aged 48, entered the hospital Oct. 11, 1915. A diagnosis
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growing aneurysm may drag upon them so as to reduce their aperture
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limits assigned to them; for what is true of aetiology is true more
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should be taken regularly in small doses. Generally it will be found
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organic imperfection of the aortic valves remain, the cardiac muscle
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interesting, in that it showed no evidence of acidosis. The case of
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like the spaces of the preceding form, the communications between
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returned during the summer much improved, but still very weak. They have
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nearly normally. On the other hand, in the case of oxalated plasma,
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ined for the committee of the Clinical Society fibrosis was found in