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by the secretary of the college on or before May i, 191 1.
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held in that case, in his opinion, from what he knew
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partly by killing the parasite and partly by liberat-
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mtention of being present at this conference. The meet-
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constitution. The properties of substances, and the
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with the patient anresthetized, so as to reduce to a
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by a properly adjusted diet, and ultimately we will
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duty at Chicago, 111., and directed to report at Bureau
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practices, silently substitutes a harmless drug for a
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example, bone suppurations which arise in the peri-
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ercises" I mean the accomplishment of acts that are
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sent symptoms of cholera shall be held in isolation until
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special committee on clinical instruction ; a report by the
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Two hundred cases have been reported, and one public
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in saying liquid air is far preferable, and because
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source. Civilized man travels extensively, even the
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nucleated cell. Picture it dividing into two, four,
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2. Surgical Treatment of Adhesions of the Pericardium,
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bed pan or urinal, as the expulsion or retention of
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more treatments, the physiological action on the tis-
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in him, never to leave. When not watched, Achille would
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Philadelphia. Dr. Theodore Diller, of Pittsburgh, read a
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on May 25, 1910, when another 0.5 c.c. was injected al-
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tees. Dr. W. T. Corlett and Dr. C. E. Ford. This academy
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tion, we did the following experiment : A normal mongrel
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3. The Estimation of Blood Pressure by Means of the
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F.hrlich's fof to be Tested at the Sydenham Hospital.
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of the kidney. The surface was coarsely bossed and no-
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narrow pedicle just behind the left ureteral ostium. One
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Russia — Kief, government Aug. 28-Sept. 3 555 219
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University Hospital, at whicli time glasses were ordered;
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■ are withstood by different saline solutions, but it
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from the Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Cal., and or-
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systolic murmur. Treatment : Undetermined. 0.5 gramme
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There were 2 cases of diarrhceal diseases and 29 cases of
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superstitious or religious, and was a rather solitary young
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sulting from neglect to care for the wounded. With a
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dered to Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, for duty dur-
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proof — if the children of the second husband re-
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Da Costa. — In Philadelphia, on Tuesday, December 6,
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L. S. Conwell, president ; Dr. William Wertenbaker, vice-
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It is an artificial sun bath. For dermatological uses
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ing and in good health who has a syphilitic child, ten
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and not of opinion ; in any case of doubt this ques-
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criticising this notion too severely the reader should
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