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Philadelphia, (W. H. W. G.) 1896-97-98; (W. J. H. W.) 1899-1900-1901.
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suddenly occurs in the muscles ("myalgia") without any attendant objective
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clinic Medical School for some years, with creditable results.
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1 Reprinted from the March number of The Drugs and Medicines of North America.
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(Columbia), and ihrough hia association with his cousin.
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Philip Hubbell, born November 2, 1821, married, in 1845, Hepzibah
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offer some additional thoughts upon substantially the same topic.
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Newcastle in 1854, in which the Tyne was so poisoned ; and in
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those cases of debility which result from insufficient nutrition.
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Secretary General for America of the International Gyn.-e-
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subjects, among them being: "Intermittent Albuminuria," "Amoebic
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Paris was next visited, and during a two months' sojourn
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This virtually disposes of the next question propounded to
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I desire to offer a few suggestions from intimate knowledge
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York City to attend Bellevue Hospital Medical College,
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Activity;" a paper by Dr. B. W. Richardson, on "Measures of
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It is not the purpose of this paper to deny that such hemor-
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Professor of Gjnxcology and Obstetrics. The new field
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appetite and the sluggish intestinal peristalsis. The spleen in chlorosis is
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teach clinical surgery in this institution or in America.
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sultant in Obstetrics. In Abdominal Surgery he has performed many
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lation of the lower jaw is usually very little affected, if at all.