The index of the vitreous being the lesser quantity, we will, by increasing 10 it, lessen the difference between it and the crystalline index, or, in other words, lessen the inclination of the rays of light toward the optical axis. The experiment, in brief, was the application of a hip splint to the right lower "comprar" extremity of a child, whose left hip was ankylosed from former disease. At this time we may have prolapse of the iris; if so, it must be returned with the spatula if we wish to save the iris; but, if not, then it may be drawn out and cut off if we decide an uses iridectomy is best. Valvular disease forms no contraindication to its employment, for most striking restoration of compensation has been obtained dose in cases of the utmost gravity that had resisted all other forms of treatment. And the do patient should be separated from her friends.


Having thus examined successively the different remedies that have oral been offered tn obviate the poisonous effects of hydrocyanic acid, M. According to this arrangement, we have nine tissues, onde of which number, seven are simple, and two compound. Something more is required for development or growth in functional activity, as it may be called; and that something is play: para. He also advised that a considerable portion of the appropriation made for that celebration dicyclomine should be used in historical research and in collecting and compiling historical documents which shall be a permanent contribution to the state's history. Other remedies may palliate and assist, yet without its judicious application, we shall capsule seldom witness a happy termination.

And shall consist of, first, the isolation and treatment of the sick; second, the disinfection of all clothing and baggage liable to be infected; third, the removal of the cargo from the vessel to open lighters, and its thorough disinfection by chemical agents, by exposure to free currents of air, or by burning, as the case may require; and, fourth, the cleansing and fumigation of the vessel, or such other methods of disinfection - cost as may from time to time be adopted by the Department.

In any case of hip disease in an adult one should be doubtful of its tuberculous origin, unless it is a relapse of Hip disease is slightly more common in the male than in the other female. The female having deposited her ova and waited a sufficient length of time for their migration, joins the mg male in the large vessels. They should be thin enough to exert a spring effect, and should be riveted at an angle to the sacral extremity of the back frame already described, as shown Two elliptical plates of thin metal from three to four inches in length together should now be attached to the extremities the construction of the metallic portion of the brace is finished. Barato - he says it comes from dowu here, below, just above the bag of air in the neck. Under the REFORMATORIES CERTIFIED ibs UNDER THE INEBRIATES AND OTHER FORMS OF TUBERCULOSIS. On the sixteenth day, the bandage over the eye was again removed; the pupil was irregular, the iris motionless at the inner and lower portion; but period the globe recovered its former size and and form; the pupil was drawn towards the temple, but perfectly sensible at its outer portion. The "class" disturbances of the mind, or pyscboses, which attend or follow this strange malady, are'countless in number and in variety. Covers first inch from sternum of third right cartilage bepantol and space. The generic forciVjly remind us of the words of Lord Bacon.

General and local treatment gave her no relief, precio and after five months of fruitless work I advised a Tait's operation. In the third class the condition is such as to make the performance of the operation imperative, even at the risk of continuing the administration of the antesthetic, of increasing the shock, or of anything except immediate danger There are few more vexing operations in surgery than that for the repair of a complete laceration of the perinseum during a period far removed from the time of injury, when short time (for).

Here a syringe must be used, and after the nostrils are filled they should be compressed for a moment mais A Weekly Revi.eio of Medicine. Iv - this method was therefore discarded and the ordinary instrument for counting red blood cells (the Thoma Zeiss) was used in all the cases. The membranous substance was white, sirve translucid, and of a foliaceous structure, insipid, inodorous, and friable.