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deformations of the foot in the following order : Talipes-
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with congestion, was recorded on nine occasions. No register was kept
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cians by orthopaedists. These often produce the same ef-
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This case illustrates that changes in the form of the ventricular
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thing, it would seem, that belongs to the suitable punishment of un-
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particular house, as oflen hap)>ens, before we begin to make inferences.
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and was, besides, responsible for the article on anaesthetics in
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cases not amenable to simpler means. This operation is a
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alone is not infrequent. I have also seen one lateral tear
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after the use of either moist or dry sublimate dressings.
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progress is real but almost imperceptible. There's no
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the entrance of air into the part of the lunp: to which the tulje leads,
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agreed that most of the urobilin is formed in the intestine and is
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was uneventful. The patient subsequently came under the care
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or spanasmia. 4th, That inflammation increases the amount of the
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also it seems to me that, in the " apoplectiform " cases, such as Meniere
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functional performance of organs is carried above the normal,
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are remedies of great service in the treatment of pneumonia. In addition
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increase the ability of the organism to oxidize glucose. We cannot
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homogeneous-looking material. The right pleural cavity still
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$500, — to be offered by some society or individual having this
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is sure to result to such as may be brought to enjoy this
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hitherto proved unsuccessful ; and, judging from the nature of
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me. I saw the patient on the evening of December '£1 , 1898,
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Mouse 6: (Control.) 0.1 cc 24-hour blood broth culture of strain 170
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exceptions) and fat are not absorbed. Peptones, soluble
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covered with ulcerated areas from the irritation of the scratching;
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before she consulted me. She had what she called nervous spasms,
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ill.- litlli v\. .-k t'.lii.vv 111 _ ,iiii;'iil:iti>iii.
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Symptoms. Difficulty and uncertainty in walking usually succeed a
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possible care and attention. The usual attitude toward the venereal
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arteries in all parts of the body, can be immediately modified.
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signed. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made at the risk
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of the horse serum, which is regarded as the cause of this symptom.
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build a hall with laboratory, museum, Ubrary, and lecture-
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and consequently uncertain. Doubtless, if it can be
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gravy, and as small lumps of fat in black-puddings. These were