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of architecture. In a like manner medical education is best

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California. Reprint from the Southern California Practitioner August S.

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units change just as the profession of medicine changes so that the

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more heterologous strains but not for the homologous strain in spite

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Chairman Ferguson We will take up the first paper which

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large stiff oval or obovate entire leaves and clusters of

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present with you in person and my thanks are doubly due for

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in order tf aid the defective action upon starch by he natural diastase

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I cm. above the base of the heart obstructed by bone irregular

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Committee on Sanitary Science and Police Dr. Conard chairman

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underneath the surface which becomes covered by a fiat spreading layer. At

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time to time of the original model which have not been here

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Treatment. The observations made on the treatment of adynamic

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to drain and undergo atrophy. Search should be made with the fingers

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pends largely on the correct diagnosis of the cause of

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new apartments for the Nose and Throat clinic of Dr. Birkett elicited

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full power of extension of the fingers. Thumb movements are

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esting observation was made that bacteria subjected to high pressure

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with respect to gastric motility. Thus they say that

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Prolapsus uteri may be looked upon as a downward and outward

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thyroid with mild symptoms in which the gland is soft

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Another useful notion is that of the P environmental range of

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douched with an antiseptic solution and a wad of cotton wet with the

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then we could seek out the potential carriers and transmitters