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cases the stools contain pus and rarely shreds of mucous membrane.

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Brain; occurring in the practice of Dr. Agnew. Dr. David Webster.

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(AST) occurred in controlled clinical trials in less than 1% of patients Severe hepatic reactions,

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On vaginal examination nothing could be detected except

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artery. The pallor developed practically immediately, the constric-

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4. Bullet Wounds of the Head, Inflicted at Close Range by

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fit a tablespoonful of aqua ammonia or a little common salt.

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connection with the above symptoms is suggestive. The gravity of the

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need while the care-giver is at work or needs respite.”

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change in its principles of action. These effects are not

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in its occasional occurrence in ergot, chloroform, morphia, alcohol, car-

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It must be evident to us all that Corporation Contract

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man <d' great fastidiousness as regards his personal appear-

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the vegetable alkaloid principles, as Schultz* has remarked; and

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few months, rarely exceeding twelve or eighteen months. The mean

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(lavs 1951— W. Richard Burack. William E. Cornatzer.

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to suppuration, perforation, and destruction of the

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quences. A lotion of water and vinegar, or of equal portions of

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bladder. The urea content of his blood was determined and this was

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16. A Manual of Pathological Anatomy. By C. Handfield Jone.«, M. B.,

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Tracy 1 also reports a number of surgical cases in which

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roughened with atheroma and calcareous deposit. The aortic segments

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although the diu-ation of the rash as a whole may be from one to three weeks,