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I interdict alcoholic liquors entirely for those who
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seems to require a more exalted state of inflammation to pour
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in all of which a bilateral phonal paresis of tlie vocal cords existed. The
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tible to all infections, as it is in merely creating
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Taking the interval 0.105, referred to in the foregoing, as an average
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Chloroform, oil of turpentine (with equal or twice the quantity of cas-
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which were among the 8 diagnosed at the necropsy as having
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tend at least half a centimetre above the split in the vngina,
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the placenta, or a r ^er-birth, grows more or less directly over the
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■Jolly bodies were rare, one appears in this field. Immature white cells were common,
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born child were mistaken for the effects of violence applied to the nostrils
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ju-^t such ill -considered actions as tliesc tiiat l)rinfj
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Located on beautiful Lake St. Croix, eighteen miles from the Twin Cities, it has the advantages of both
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proved in all respects. From that time the unfavourable symptoms gradually
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of quackery. * * As regards actual homceopatic practice in Germany, it is very
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where the inflammatory process is as marked as in acute Bright's disease.
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fresh as possible, and preserved on ice. Unfortunately
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petually exposed in the most complete manner to the contagion, never
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is even a suspicion, much less evidence of the existence
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On Tincture of Digitalis (B. P.): .Its circulatory disturbances, such as pneumo-
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not only prejudicial to the health of the community and contrary
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ets were by no means exacting as to the reserved for our own days,
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ly progressing, approaching nearer and nearer perfection with each
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Laws, Science, aud Medi.iine. This Kximination is accepted (1) by
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large veins were not distended, and there was, conse-
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power in the hands of the Property Committee and the Executive Committee. If these
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nodes is seen occasionally. The origin of this pigmentation has been ascribed
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that all the nerves are derived from the brain and spinal marrow. He enumerated seven pairs
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much mischief: it had entered the sheath of the vessels on
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come to his work with at least as rude an outline of the anatomy
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in tlie stain for five minutes and is then washed in dis-
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physical sign, and can be determined easily by means of the
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progress in medicine. Dr. Chapin's conclusions are these:
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applied physics on one side, there are two great divisions —
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could have had proper care. Dr. Gordon's case was the only
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any disaster involving the injury of a large number
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The associated organisms were the streptococcus, the Staphylococcus
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mouth, rectum, or under the skin ; strychnine, and atropine
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producing what is commonly called subsultus tendinum. The failure of
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S. That it would be justifiable to explore with an aspirator, and if the cavity was
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gut through-and-th rough, sutures, 22 in number. The oper-
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