Orographic Effect Definition Geography

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the hysterical attack. Only the increased mechanical excitability of muscles

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striking, so that it is actually very probable that the frontal lobe has a close

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cular activity and other factors which occasion the destruction of the fat al-

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most surety in those, but also in " idiopathic " neuralgias. It is in these cases

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too rapidly, a rubNiry cut^ will result. Curd Is cooked to nake It firm so whey can

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the rightful heir to the throne, or else he has been appointed by God to un-

orographic clouds

6 eclectic, 12 homoeopathic, 14 dental, and 14 pharmaceuticaL


cases where the chief injury is to the cord, we have to confine ourselves


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confusion and defective orientation than in the hebephrenic form of the disease.

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Raymond F. Grissom, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics.

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marasmus are frequently made less terrible to the patient because of his

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-qnestions the candidate for a time occupying fifteen minntes ; not any branch

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istic picture, which is usually quickly recognized and correctly interpreted.

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toward the opposite side, and the chin raised slightly. Spasm of the trapezius

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sophy, £10 10s. for the four courses, payable on entry. For each olasa

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be conducted during the winter if a class of ten students be formed.

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Brown, Helen Mary, a, w, sp, Joliet. S.M. (U. of Minnesota) '36.

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tology, Biutherford's. The Mayne scholarship, value £15, is awarded

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the first steps are often very stiff and laborious, while succeeding ones grow

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must assume a special consequent change in the neiwe in " neuralgia from

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tion are conducted to the brain through the white posterior columns. If

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respectively apprenticed, while such physician or surgeon is present at the

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equivalent. |C, C, l^Cs., |C. for lectures only; C, as indicated below; l|Cs. for 6

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pulsation of the carotids, and sometimes of the smaller arteries. We do not

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(20) What is the ideal storage temperature for ev^aporated milk?

orographic effect definition geography

muscles printed in italics derive the main part of their nerves from the cor-

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Isolated paralyses of these muscles are rare, with the exception of the prac-

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tions of the vertebral column after the destruction of some of the vertebra?,