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lation of gas or tbe pain from the operative bruising
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Mr. Reynders brought the Taylor brace the following
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pneumonia. If allowance is made for the normal mortality
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the left side. There were no girdle pains. There was a mod
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drink for sick horses and also for those in health.
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ing in effecting inspiration and expiration. Describe the char
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of the throat. The symptoms increase for four or five days
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pleui itic exudation but continued presence of the pneumonic infiltration in a
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preciable size and condemns the tampon if it can be avoid
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the greater percentage of mortality between fifteen and
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ence of sodium urate in the blood by the imperfect metabo
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controlling the heart and the vessels respectively are kin
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early as possible on all suspects. If the fluid was under
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tude. Then a procession of his relatives and friends was
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was so wet that several race courses for a considerable
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Meeting ot the Fast Tennessee Medical Society April th by William U.
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phatic glands have long been recognized by orthopaedic surgeons as
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phletrmatic humours opens obstructions of the liver gall
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were g ven with the result that patient slept five hours and felt
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