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and the ganglia in the peripheral vessels, which are much more
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Maiityn Paine, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics.
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It was found that excellent growth took place in a medium composed
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If the case be of long duration, various phenomena, due apparently to
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drill is placed perpendicular to the skull, the scalp pierced
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The diet of the boys, consisting principally of salted meats,
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,1, ,-,, .. ' ■ "' ' '"•• "ilr ,-S|.|,„,lI,,M ,j|
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prostatic urethra. Strict hygienic course of treatment,
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examination of the fluid imder the microscope, although
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for exhibition to students. Becoming interested in this science — hyp-
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Mr. Owen has mistaken my position in this matter, for he says
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especially during the winter months — all the work has
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the course to be pursued, it was determined that that Com-
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will be essentially pathological, I shall not attempt to describe the
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1898, ii, 202-204. — Campos da Paz. Sobre o trata-
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ers, will appear in rapid succession. Each number of the Journal will contain Sixty-four
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The sand used is quartz sand, washed and ignited, and of such a
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WVTJ medical students Kevin Kaufman, David Artz and Heather
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in Minnesota the practice has been to place on file
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comfort or personal right. Each vies with the other in trying
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time she was nursing her friend, the physical signs of incipient consamption
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and among some' has this crime been perpetrated so boldly and fre-
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the anterior heart-wall, coinciding with the extra tone, so that the
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mi.xed with nitrogen, two parts of the former to one of
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which it followed variola, and in only a small pro-
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thirty oscillations in ten seconds. Both movements are as a rule strictly-
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influence in the production of sympathetic iritis was displayed by a
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usually revealed a tuberculous deposit in the glands of the mesentery.
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provement may be hoped for. This sudden fall often attends
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hasty judgments, weakness and unstable gait, — to lose not a
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and 1865, of 319 candidates, 99 were rejected; that is
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Gno. WiLKDiBON, M.D., Sec, HAXQiraM B. LowBT, M.D., Prest,
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money to sustain or assist this institution, we are doing it for the benefit
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