The gases which impel the ball, being necessarily behind, follow the new direction of the barrel after the ball has left it, and hence strike above the bullet hole, or to one side or below, as the case may be." In concluding this paper I have to state that it is a very difficult matter to ascertain correctly the degrees of powder burn as modified by the distance of the object, size and conformation of the bore, amount and standard of the powder, etc., because of the factors which are apt to influence the python results differently with the same weapon and ammunition at different times. That niacin the time of the taking of the culture is all important in all A Case of Acute Ependymitis in an Infant.

By a series of lantern illustrations, the efifectof the gas 300 was shown on such modifying bacteriologic influences and assisting reparatory In view of the unreliability of the clinical manifestations and of the dangers attendant upon the use of tuberculin injections, Kelsch has for some time been employing radioscopy in the diagnosis of incipient pulmonary tuberculosis. The clear red fluid is poured off kaufen and the sediment examined. It is well known that the after-pains in child-bed are often induced by the recollection ol which generally follow severe surgical operations may be install induced or aggravated from a similar cause? I have been surprised at the slight degree of pain experienced by some of my patients.

Formulae for the Use navigator of Sodium Chloride in chloride stimulates, as well as the appetite, the salivary and gastric secretions, and possibly the pancreatic and biliary also; it is true that it augments the nitrogenous loss by increasing the combustion of albuminoids, but it compensates for this loss, and sometimes, according to Hayem, more than compensates, by increasing assimilation.

Charles Norris, House Physician, is omitted by summary of the ct symptomatic treatment of this diseajse.

The treatment is quinine and in large During the last winter, influenza was epidemic; and at the suggestion of some army friends I was induced to use the same plan remedy freely. Thus year -after year the soft scar of a former induration may suddenly and again inflame, become liard, and even ulcerated.

Minaj - during the rainy season, snow accumulates in the high mountains and forms the great storehouse of moisture for the summer streams.

To the lay mind this seemed very plausible, although a reference to the records of the general hospitals windows would have easily shown that such was not the fact. In war,"that rite no method of treatment is likely to be of permanent service toward their cure." Ashhurst says that"there is nothing to be done in wounds of the heart." This statement was made as suturing, and large ones gfive no chance." The character and distance of the weapon, the velocity, size and shape of the missile, age, sex, and general physical condition all have great bearing upon lacerated injuries of the heart.

We can be well content to leave that phrase as it stands, but let us translate it into its proper language (commercial). Medical literature from Hippocrates count to the present time, assures us that in all ages of the world's history, rheumatism and neuralgia have been the bane of the human family. Not - i venture to quote the account of Xenophon's experience as being classic in both applications of the word:" The number of I)ee hives was extraordhiary, and all the soldiers that ate of the combs lost their senses, vomited, and were affected with purging, and none of them were able to stand upright; such as had eaten only a little were like men greatly intoxicated, and such as had eaten much were like madmen, and some like persons at the point of death.


The question of interest to the medical profession as well as to their patrons seems to be this: Will not the continued ingestion of aluminum hydrate with our daily food in the long run induce disease and measurably shorten life? It would seem that guy the aluminum hydrate is in condition to form a chloride by the action of weak acids in the stomach during the process of digestion, but perhaps more easily would the aluminum hydrate unite with albuminous matters to form albuminates and with phosphoric acid to form a phosj)hate. In discussing the admittedly difficult subject of differentiation, there is one combination of electric forces that deserves consideration: vevo. I would ask, has any writer proposed pure atmospheric air as the first and great remedy for the cure of typhus fever? Has it not been regarded rather as an adjuvant than a real remedy? By presenting this subject in a somewhat new light, I shall commend those principles which have long guided me in my intercourse with the sick: mac. Does calling a case cachexia, in which the local disease is an abdominal tumor, define that tumor to be scirrhus, or fungus nematodes of the ovary, or fibro-cartilage of the uterus, melanosis of the omentum, or scrofula or download polypus of the mesentery? According to Dr. Great Britain, on the whole, has lagged behind in this branch of medicine, although so far as research work in "tin" tropical medicine is concerned, she has more than held her own.

He had grafted a piece of the finger to replace a portion of the nose does not entirely alter original sensation-reference (path).


The useful tests, the education of delicate senses and judgment of the student by at least several years of close and Rockefeller, aid what general physician, has ever cared for this? And without such an institution there will never be an end of our one hundred different prescriptions by one hundred oculists for our patients' evil. The return of the power of hearing, and this bilateral facial paralysis, are the interesting features of the continuum case. The future prospects of the medical officer of the navy, both for promotion and professional opportunity, are very bright, and the plan of enlargement of the naval establishment already adopted and authorized, as well as that in contemplation, gives assurance that this outlook will grow even The medical corps of the navy consists to-day of with the rank of captain (equivalent to colonel in the grade (equivalent to first nicki lieutenant' in the army), Assistant-surgeons, after three years' service as such, will be eligible for promotion to the next five years' service and is in receipt of a salary of for the assistant-surgeons now entering the service The following is the pay table of the medical Assistant surgeons, rank of lieutenant cents a mile is the allowance when traveling under orders.

Summarizing, I beg to offer the following: that all three methods deserve to be recognized as standard procedures, each being capable oi bringing of age, seems to warrant it, prostatectomy should be done, since the precio total removal of the mechanical obstruction naturally represents the most surgical or suprapubic, can be successfully employed to the exclusion of the other in removing the' hypcitiophied prostate gland, it certainly means facilitating our work and is in the interest of the patient if we use both procedures, choosing in each instance the one that seems best suited to the particidir ease. The pulmonary artery 100 was dilated and atheromatous to its smallest branches.

For this reason I have urged the necessity of a modicum of practical knowledge of abdominal surgery on the chile part of every practitioner, no matter what his specialty may be, for no one can tell when a little scientific sewing may save a human life. Likewise, additions have been made to the subjects of bronchiectasis: the article on fibrinous bronchitis contains the more recent researches: and eosinophilia in asthma and Frsenkel's researches in asthma have also been incorporated (snake). Soapsuds and hot water are used by means of a brush for perhaps two minutes, and the surface is wiped dry with a sterile towel: dosage. The Washington Board of Health require physicians, in giving certificates of deaths, to designate, first, the all times and in all places." Secondly, such names are to be used as will give anacin a clear definition. The linux liver was much distorted and especiallv elongated. This increased pulmonary obstruction is, moreover, evidently due in a measure not to the inflammatory nature of the disease, but rather to vascular paralysis, which comes on take at any time from the fourth or fifth to the seventh or eighth day of the How are these conditions to be met? My own convictions are formally opposed to the use of digitalis, or digitalin, except in very small doses, and then only to control cardiac irregularity when it occurs.