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To the latter symptom Mr. Colles's attention was parti-
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sense teaches that such writings work infinite damage to us.
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trophied Prostate," which appeared in the August num-
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t Vide Medico-Chinirg. Trans, vol. vi. — Repository, vol. v. p. 318.
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very light and white ; then beat the butter to a cream, and
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devotee of microscopy, and, if in this he has fallen a little short of the best
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As before stated, during the past five years I have re-
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undue dryness of the eye ; but in every case it had remained normally moist
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— 326. The following, however, may be deserving of remark. At
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nearly well. Her strength had returned ; the cough was
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BEATRICE KRATZ, D.O., Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics
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cauliflower-like appearance of the tumors at once pro-
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received no relief. Upon examination it was seen that the
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one blood is injected into another are composed of two
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tional and local remedies, and found nothing answer
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serious dangers exist in some of the crowded portions.
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an estimated poiiulation of 10,322,129, for the w-eck ending
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time apparently cured. (' Physiological Researches,' p. 523.) There was no doubt,
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There are two groups of cases. In one the clinical phenomena relate chiefly
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tumors at tlie angle of the jaw, it being thought probable that bits of
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volved. If there were no such anastomoses, ohliteration of
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sixty-seven, and there were two aged females from the Salp6trifere whose exact
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forty-eight hours after the onset, and another may present no grave
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The troop ship "Himalaya" arrived on January 30 at the uninfected
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The disease known as general cerebral paralysis, or the paralysis of the
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