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discomfort. The absence of pigment referred to by Lord
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of licensed practitioners, a certain reduction of the time
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tralasia, and New Zealand, and at home. Some of the places
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observation of 60,000 children in various schools, and presented a report
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Wear, Algernon E. L., M.B., B.S.Durh., appointed Resident Medical
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Junior complains that in the ordinary distributionof executive duties
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tory statement communicated by Mr. \. (who had seen and treated the
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President of_ the Council .- W. Withers Moore, M.D., F.R.C.P.,
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which may be noticed not only the marks of hysteria but
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The cavity was washed out with boiled boracic lotion, a
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Sel'muP', nam«»ly, that iron given by a vein or subcutaneously
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sarcoma. In a month this recurred in the same place and
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obtained from hospitals some time after the cases had been
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Best, Wm. J.,M.R.C.S., D.P.H.. appointed Medical Officer of Health for
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deaths : and on the Saturday no fewer than l-io cases were still undertreat-
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summoned again until November 24th, and as I was not at
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Bbitish Medical Journal in which I gave you particulars
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B. commmunicated to E. the alleged fact of his having differed from i
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Infirmary on April 11th ; Dr. Packer, President, in the chair.
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Chief Sanitary Officer. Professor Balassa thereupon chose
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famvir (famciclovir) valtrex (valacyclovir) zovirax (acyclovir)
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tered. I have tested this frequently, and have no doubt it
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A correspondent writes ; Invaliding for one year counts as tour of
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often lead to an early detection of the malady, and would,
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rejected at the examinations therein reported upon in past
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purpose sent for my friend and former pupil, Dr. Jones-Morris,
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Fulton, J., M.B., B,Ch.Irel., appointed Medical Officer for the Eleventh
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Field, London ; Mr. W. P. Feltham, Okehampton ; Mr. .1. M. Ferguson,
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infiltration of cornea, muscK volitantes, lippitudo, stilli-
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no trouble unless they forswear tobacco for a time, when
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ing a Commission, having somewhat similar powers to those
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SCRfiEON-LiEm-ENANT C. MAccuLLOCH, 1st Cumberland Artillei-y, has
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any one race or religious sect is more prone to suffer from
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London of a Chancellor who, both before and since his eleva-
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Dr. Hanson's very ingenious but somewhat complicated ap-
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severe to terminate fatally, not only has the excretion of
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daughter o! William Gunther, Lyodhurst, Queen's Road, Oldham.
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are as far as we can understand them, that (I) certain medical men are
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to make it suitable for that due to diminished saccharine
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pathological and clinical interest at present most in debate
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able case of resection of a liver tumour, which proved to be an
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by the graduation ceremonial. Among the honoraiy gr.ad nates were the
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by the very insignificant shower which fell on the morning of
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on the Hippocratic School has already been referred to, but
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