Was wearing glasses fitted during waking hours for the past five months.

In a short time, she was able to walk and do domestic duty in the hospital.

The nervous arrangements for these movements, respectively, will thus be the more developed.

The following is the official account of the autopsy findings: An autopsy performed on the body of William M.

Bouchard has been in the habit of administering charcoal to his typhoid fever cases, not with a view to acting upon the typhogenous agent inhabiting the intestinal canal, since it is well known that putrefaction is not in the least affected by charcoal, but to absorb the product of the intestinal fermentations, and thus overcome the offensivehess of the intestinal contents. Or in the common duct, or at the"diverticulum of When the obstruction occurs in the common duct.

Some animals develop an unsteady gait, and some breathe with difficulty.

It is of the greatest importance to use a large catheter, even one of exist, it should be removed. The only subject in which, up to the present time, a student, even the most zealous, can get his ideas in the anatomy.

Abdominal aorta also of natural size. Cerebral abscess was diagnosed, situated in temporo-sphenoidal lobe. And a very pretty theory it was. In England they think they have just escaped from this bondage through the recently appointed advisory board. Both affections are very greatly more conmiou in males than in females. He believed that many cases of supposed vaginismus were in reality instances of urethral ulcer. At the outset we must declare that we did not express an unqualified and positive opinion in regard to an exclusive method of treatment of shot wounds of the intestines. New York State Medical Association. It is clear that if treatment is effective the fact must be brought out most strikingly when this time before treatment is left out of consideration; on the other hand, if drugs are useless, we should take the whole duration of the cases as a basis for comparison. Or this condition may exist brownisli fur of greater or less thickness.

It has been said that the brain participates in this change, which its natural whiteness would of course make very evident.

When the state of the gut warrants it, gentle attempts should be made to reduce the invagination; but should the reduction be difficult or impossible, or should the bowel be severely damaged, or partially or wholly gangrenous, the involved parts should be resected, and an artificial anus be established. A Report of Nine Cases in which Haab's Magnet was Used for the Extraction of Foreign authors, after reporting their series of cases, arrive at the following general conclusions as to the extraction of foreign bodies from the eye: i. There was some bleeding in the bottom of the pelvis, and it required considerable sponge packing and time before it was arrested.

The scrotum looks like a bladder full of water, and is so large that there is no room for it between the thighs; the prepuce is described by Bartels as" curled up like a posthorn." Sometimes the cuticle over some of the distended parts cracks, and the dropsical fluid oozes out in such quantities as to soak through the bedding.

This new interpretation of Section of kin must approve or that such approval be in been informed by the State Department of Health that in many cases they have authorized an autopsy upon the approval of the next of kin readily available for consenting by telephone authorized by law to render advice to officers and departments of State government only, and the foregoing must be considered as having been furnished informally and unofficially with a desire to help, yet it would seem that the above opinion can be used effectively by all other pathologists and hospitals. Upstate, for active man with surgical training. The method of Chlumsky was described, the essayist stating that he had adopted it in several cases with The Treatment of Dislocation of the Clavicle of Minneapolis, said that some recent writers had advocated the treatment of such a dislocation by wire suture, but he had been unable to find any literature upon the subject. Whenever the drug had been discontinued, or whenever the patient had been unable to obtain it, the pain and dyspnoea had increased.